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Little Girl Blue: the Nina Simone Musical

Book by Laiona Michelle 

A life in between the black and white keys. An emotional journey from classical piano child prodigy to the High Priestess of Soul, told through the words and music of American icon - Nina Simone.



Present perfect

Book & Lyrics by Nancy Nachama Cheser 
Music by Jaime Lozano

Present Perfect tells the story of a group of immigrants, arriving with not much more than the promise of the American Dream, who meet in an adult English class in New York. Along with their teacher, they discover a community where love and loss transcend the language barrier, and laughter and song pervade their lessons. With the driving rhythms of persistent hope, they learn to move forward no matter what the obstacles.

The Home we left behind

Written by Valerie David

A Jewish family, forced to build a new home in America after being exiled from Iraq, faces today’s climate of bigotry by reaffirming their heritage of hope and resilience.




Book and Lyrics by Lee Summers

Music by Janet Noh

Story by Janet Noh and Lee Summers

Set millions of years ago, super-continent Pangaea stood majestically alone in the sea. After her metamorphosis, the sea welcomes seven fractured continent-siblings who long to return to Pangaea. Conflict arises when one sibling plots to dominate, forcing the others into action. With an eclectic, contemporary score infused with pop/R&B, classical, and musical styles from around the world, the creators ask: Is it possible to put a divided world back together?


Invictus MIngus

Written by Frank Harts

It's 1966. Tomorrow legendary Jazz maestro Charles Mingus is to be evicted from his cluttered New York City apartment. Tonight though he drinks wine, cuts up with his crew on the bass, talks love, Hitler, racism, and politics with a twenty-something Jewish documentary filmmaker. This while his five-year old bi-racial daughter plays in piles of treasure and junk absorbing it all.



The Family Resemblance

Book, music, and lyrics by Masi Asare

Akosua and her mixed race family are expecting an ordinary Christmas back home in central Pennsylvania, but heavy winds, a corporate crisis, and a visitation from an African ancestor mean things do not go as planned. Even when your heritage is all over the map, you have to go back to your roots to find your own way.


The GalilEe House

Written by B.V. Marshall

Amos Barrett, a professor of African-American history at a small public university, aims to restore an old building at the edge of campus, a way station for the Underground Railroad, called the Galilee House. Amos presumes his late wife’s ancestor stayed there on her escape from slavery. Jill Dunnwebb, the younger school administrator, a woman whom Amos helped to hire, sees the house as a drain on the school’s diminishing resources and a distraction to Amos’s teaching. After a small academic argument blows all out of proportion, will the tribute to the past be restored and if so, at what personal cost to Amos and Jill?




Book, music, and lyrics by Adam Overett

The first piece chosen to be developed by BCTR is Call It Courage, a musical adaptation of the beloved coming of age children’s novel written by Connecticut native Armstrong Sperry. Set in the Pacific Islands, Call It Courage is the coming of age story of a timid young boy who overcomes bullying and ostracism to find the strength he always had within. Call it Courage is written by two-time Harrington Award winning composer and librettist Adam Overett whose My Life is a Musical had its world premiere in 2014 at Bay Street Theatre.



Written by Nandita Shenoy

An actor and a medical student cross paths repeatedly throughout the course of his medical training  during the medical simulations that punctuate his education.  The friendship that develops from their interactions reveals how much they have to learn from each other and questions whether compassion can be taught.




“Nothing short of miraculous.”

Masi Asare  |  2016 Writer-In-Residence

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